On April Fool’s Day

(for april fool's day poem)funmozar.com (could be worse i suppose)
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I went down with a crash

With a zang and a bang

Yet another April Fool’s prank

Has awakened me again

How I wish it would stop

The giggles of laughter and glee

How I wish it could be calm

Just another day in peace

But I guess that will never happen to me

On April Fool’s day

I hear the mother’s screaming

I fear the father’s preaching

The grandmother’s weeping

The grandfather’s beating

At least it’s only for a day

I sigh softly to myself

Any longer and this world would’ve gone crazy for sure

I sing myself a little tune

And eat my breakfast cold

Wiping wet whoopee cushions from my seat once again

I can’t help, but chuckle as I see small feet running away

Hiding in fear that they might be found out

Looking outside I see the fresh rolls of toilet paper

Hanging onto the trees like snow

It makes me shudder as I know I’ll have to take it down soon

The bits of confetti are sprinkled through the air

And bring the smell of fresh toffee through the whole town

Though I must admit,

Even though I truly hate April Fool’s day

There is something about it that is truly magical

A day that makes children’s heart quiver in anticipation

A day that makes pranks ten times more exciting

Laughing at the stupidest of jokes

Grinning at the faces with inky cat whiskers

I almost wish I could join them

I really do

Yet I know this is their day to shine

To smile at our surprised faces

To giggle at our angry glares

So I’ll sit back and wait

For the jokers to come out

For the pranksters to come calling

For the jesters to start dancing

For by tomorrow morning

They know what will happen

They will sigh with heavy hearts

For their one day of tricks is gone until next year

Though they plan in silence for next year’s visit

I’ll sit right here and somewhat miss it

The anticipation of exploding pies and blasting peanut cans

Doesn’t really get me as worked up as them

So come at me all you want

Just yearning to see my infuriated expression

But all I can do is laugh at it

For once I was like you

For a child’s heart I once had

And maybe I still have a bit of it left in me

Or at least on this one day of the year

This special day called “April Fool’s”

 (Even though it’s already past April Fool’s day I just had to do this)

(And also… Hope you had a Happy April Fool’s day!)



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