Child of Light

(White hair) (Hmm...

“Mysterious child come here…”

“Mysterious child, please come near…”

Louder and louder the voices kept calling

Harder and harder my heart kept pounding

A voice I would imagine a spider having

Creepy and a bit disgusting

But in a room that’s nothing, but darkness

What can you do?

Mysterious child…

That was me

Pure white hair

And slightly blind in my left eye

Forever living

Never able to die

Just who was I?

But a mysterious child indeed

Constantly running away from those who tried to hurt me

Constantly out of breath from those who have made me scream

Yet will I ever truly find peace?

I, the child of light

In a world of darkness

Something just doesn’t seem right

Many times I’ve tried to find the gateway to that other world

The world I should’ve been in

Yet will I ever see it again?

“Mysterious child, come play with us…”

“Mysterious child, please come, you must…”

I know they too have nothing

Constantly preying on the darkness for as long as they all can remember

I’m surprised I haven’t become one of them

From all the times I’ve almost been lost in the shadows

It’s a miracle I’m still here

 “Mother… where are you…”

Once I was at peace

Huddled up close in my mother’s arms

Up from heaven above

She told me that no matter what,

To never give in to the darkness

Day after day she told me

She was the one to help them

To make sure that things never got too out of hand

Her loving arms protecting me for as long as she could

But she knew she would have to let go

Because as the child of love,

She knew she had to go

But even so…

Lost in the dark realms

I wanted to protect them instead

Yet how can I help these people,

When all they want is to utterly destroy me?

Time and time again

They’ve beaten me

Time and time again

They still don’t want me

A child of light

Amongst the children of darkness

All I wanted to do was help them…


“Mysterious child, mysterious child…”

They all mutter

“Save me, save me…”

So why can’t I?

“Child of light…”

My mother once said,

“You will always be mine.”

With her kind and gentle smile

Saying how adorable I was

Laughing in such a way

I could’ve sworn that flowers bloomed around her

A world filled with tranquility

I wish hadn’t left you

And I wish you hadn’t left me

“Mysterious child…”

Their voices growing louder yet again

Thirsty for the light they haven’t had for such a long time

A world once full of light

Like the one I once lived in

Now in eternal dusk

Once they were people who loved

Just like my mother

Once they had everything

And like I

It was taken from them

Because of foolish decisions…

A child’s heart screams for her mother

The body screams for healing

The soul screams for Love

Will she ever have it again?

“That world is ending…”

My mother once told me

“I have to go help it and make sure that doesn’t happen.”

I wanted to go with her

I didn’t want her to leave me

But what if I had waited?

Could this world have been saved?

Would she still be here…?

Was it my fault…?

Was it…?

On and on I go

Down a road I don’t even know

Even though you had left me…

I could almost hear your voice

Far away in the distance

Then light

Softly dancing across my weary eyes

If only for a moment

Then the light flickered in again

Each time showing a more beautiful scene

Each with memories of me and you scattered along the particles of time




I had to bring the light back

My one last chance at bringing them back

To give them what I had so foolishly taken from them

Do I step forward?

Risking everything?

I might lose myself,

And everything I once had

But what else can I lose,

That I haven’t already?


If I somehow get out of this alive

I’ll be waiting for you at home

As always…

I’ll be with you

And you with me

In your warm arms

Will we finally meet again…



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