Child of Light

(White hair) (Hmm...

“Mysterious child come here…”

“Mysterious child, please come near…”

Louder and louder the voices kept calling

Harder and harder my heart kept pounding

A voice I would imagine a spider having

Creepy and a bit disgusting

But in a room that’s nothing, but darkness

What can you do?

Mysterious child…

That was me

Pure white hair

And slightly blind in my left eye

Forever living

Never able to die

Just who was I?

But a mysterious child indeed

Constantly running away from those who tried to hurt me

Constantly out of breath from those who have made me scream

Yet will I ever truly find peace?

I, the child of light

In a world of darkness

Something just doesn’t seem right

Many times I’ve tried to find the gateway to that other world

The world I should’ve been in

Yet will I ever see it again?

“Mysterious child, come play with us…”

“Mysterious child, please come, you must…”

I know they too have nothing

Constantly preying on the darkness for as long as they all can remember

I’m surprised I haven’t become one of them

From all the times I’ve almost been lost in the shadows

It’s a miracle I’m still here

 “Mother… where are you…”

Once I was at peace

Huddled up close in my mother’s arms

Up from heaven above

She told me that no matter what,

To never give in to the darkness

Day after day she told me

She was the one to help them

To make sure that things never got too out of hand

Her loving arms protecting me for as long as she could

But she knew she would have to let go

Because as the child of love,

She knew she had to go

But even so…

Lost in the dark realms

I wanted to protect them instead

Yet how can I help these people,

When all they want is to utterly destroy me?

Time and time again

They’ve beaten me

Time and time again

They still don’t want me

A child of light

Amongst the children of darkness

All I wanted to do was help them…


“Mysterious child, mysterious child…”

They all mutter

“Save me, save me…”

So why can’t I?

“Child of light…”

My mother once said,

“You will always be mine.”

With her kind and gentle smile

Saying how adorable I was

Laughing in such a way

I could’ve sworn that flowers bloomed around her

A world filled with tranquility

I wish hadn’t left you

And I wish you hadn’t left me

“Mysterious child…”

Their voices growing louder yet again

Thirsty for the light they haven’t had for such a long time

A world once full of light

Like the one I once lived in

Now in eternal dusk

Once they were people who loved

Just like my mother

Once they had everything

And like I

It was taken from them

Because of foolish decisions…

A child’s heart screams for her mother

The body screams for healing

The soul screams for Love

Will she ever have it again?

“That world is ending…”

My mother once told me

“I have to go help it and make sure that doesn’t happen.”

I wanted to go with her

I didn’t want her to leave me

But what if I had waited?

Could this world have been saved?

Would she still be here…?

Was it my fault…?

Was it…?

On and on I go

Down a road I don’t even know

Even though you had left me…

I could almost hear your voice

Far away in the distance

Then light

Softly dancing across my weary eyes

If only for a moment

Then the light flickered in again

Each time showing a more beautiful scene

Each with memories of me and you scattered along the particles of time




I had to bring the light back

My one last chance at bringing them back

To give them what I had so foolishly taken from them

Do I step forward?

Risking everything?

I might lose myself,

And everything I once had

But what else can I lose,

That I haven’t already?


If I somehow get out of this alive

I’ll be waiting for you at home

As always…

I’ll be with you

And you with me

In your warm arms

Will we finally meet again…



What to Do?

(what to do) (Yup

I started the day out right

Or as right as I could at least

Nowhere to go

Nothing to do

“Huh…What to do?”

Read the endless piles of books

Stacked high in the gloomy-looking corner of my room


I might take a walk

See the fresh new spring morning

I might

Or I might just be lazy

Playing video games all day


“What to do?”

So bored I can barely think

Maybe I’ll just play some music

Calm this bored to death mind of mine


“What to do?!?”

Frustrated and angry at myself

To hungry to think

I hastily eat some slightly burnt toast

All of a sudden shouts from the outside enter my ears

And keep getting louder

“Run! Run away!” they say

My curiosity takes the best of me

I guess I’ll take doing a walk

I quickly shove my headphones on

Just in case it really is nothing

Yet I was far from that

People pointed up at the sky

And I stupidly look up at it as well

And with that goes my gloriously normal day

Clouds zoom past me

Faster and faster

Until I can’t see any more of them

“What’s the rush?”

Eyes looking up into the sky

Small and bright

Old and wide

Light pours out from the heavens above

Angels shouting out

“It is time!”

I only wish I had gotten up earlier

Such a nice day it must’ve been

Too bad the world had to end

My choices not my own anymore

I run

Such a wonderful day for a walk


Fires burning

Riots filled to the brim with chaos

Confusion in the streets

Confusion in our minds

“Why now of all days?”

The time we least expected such an occurrence

We let out guard down

Faster, faster


I guess there’s one good thing

I’m not bored

Just wish I wasn’t so out of breath

“Huff… huff…”

Goes the breath of the restless

“Insanity… insanity…”

Goes round the world twice

Keep on spinning the record top

Keeps the song going


It’s coming to a close

Keeping in time with the beats of the world’s end

“Come on!!!!”

Almost there

Hands stretched out

Eyes wide with wonder

His arms right in-front of me

Yet I can’t look

Not now…

“Closer, closer…”

Fire and ash burn into my already lifeless lungs

Yeah I’m weak

A mind filled with dusty thoughts

Living life with nothing to do

Guess even God got sick of it

My family once said to me

“You are nothing to me”

My friends once said to me

“Who are you to us?”

Grown-up said I was “A foolish little girl…”

Little kids said I was “Boring to play with”

Bored to death

Running into the arms of death

Screaming for death

Staring death in its face

How many times have I done this?

My last chance

Here in the time where insanity shows its true colors

“Just a few more steps”

And then I’m finally free

Eyes filled with desperation

Pouring out what I had held in

For what seems forever

Tired and scared in this world that is ending

A world once so peaceful

God slapped it awake

Showing the people what was really hiding underneath

The many cover ups

The many plans and secrets

Questions being answered

Answers being questioned

It was right in front of us

Blinded by nothingness

Hell is erupting from underneath our feet

Demons screaming to be finally free

And the light is slowly fading

In a world filled with havoc

Devastation runs the radio cold

Static and glitching out

Of all times now has to be it?

Just a few blocks away

Lies the destination

The one they’re all avoiding


Suddenly I hear it

A voice that cuts deep into the heart of the world

“God…That’s really you…”


Coming to a sudden halt

Panting out whatever breath I had left in me

And everything else with it

I finally look up with my blurry vision

Seeing him in all of his glory

Such beauty

Such love

Just everything wonderful

Put into one

I wish I could stare at Him longer

Just lovingly looking into His burning eyes

But I can’t stand up any longer…

I feel like I’m being torn apart

Like every nerve in my body has suddenly turned into burning coals

Vision fuzzy

I can’t help, but black out from all the pain…

My eyes closed

Yet all I see is light

Did I die?

Did I make it?

I’ve never been one for cliff-hangers

Even with every part of my body

Feeling like it was just burnt to a crisp

I have to open my tired eyes

And just see a glimpse

For at least one moment…

A gate lies in front of me

My body is strangely light for some reason

The pain that once resided in me…

It’s gone…

A body…


My soul

It seems so different

Yet I know this is truly me

The me I could never see

So this must be heaven

So this must be freedom

Hell lies right beneath my feet

Just a few steps away

And heaven lying right in front of me


I slowly walk towards the opening

And yet I can’t help, but think to myself

“What the hell just happened?”

Oceanic Silence

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Beside peaceful waters
Here I rest
Waiting for something
Or was it someone?
The oceanic scene,
The calming waves,
The sky with the clouds so white
As white as the pearls on the ocean floor
The seagulls seem to be silent today
I wonder why?
It seems the whole world
Has simply become muted
Nothing but the waves and the salty air
Simply singing me their aquatic lullaby
It’s all I have left
And all I will probably ever have
The huge crowds of people I met each day
Are gone as well
At least the fish wish me a good-morning and good-night
I wonder where everyone is
Or if they were ever even there at all
It seems all the roads that once led me home
Only lead to the ocean floor
The smog filled sky
The lights of the city that carried the stars away
The trains, cars, and airplanes talking them all so far away
Who knew the ocean they forgot about,
Could take them all out in an instant?
One girl was saved
One could say it was a “miracle”
One could even say it was a “curse”
Whatever it might’ve been
There she is
“She” as in me
A “me” who could never see the beauty in everyday life
Who only knew of the routine of her daily life
Did she miss it?
Sadly enough
She hated that life
The blank and empty stares
The noises never reaching the ones they were meant for
I guess the sea was as sick of them as I was
Maybe that’s why it saved me
All of my family and friends
Lost to our selfishness
For that one moment
When everything was in chaos
I saw life in the world
They tried so hard to survive
Finally showing their hearts
Why did they wait so long?
The end draws near
Even for I
The buildings that once held so many people
Now only rooftops on which to stand on
Can tell of what used to be
One step
Two step
The road where the yellow arrows go
Where may they lead me now?
A me who once knew where to go
Who knew everything there is to know
I can’t believe how much of a fool I was!
Four step
Five step
Nothing to protect my blistered feet
Nothing to fill my empty heart
Just shock and wonder is all I am now
Seven step
Eight step
Where am I even going?
It seems the sea is just taking me into its current
Guiding me somewhere
Somewhere to keep me safe
A way to say
“I’m sorry…”
I only wish I could say the same
Because I can’t really say sorry to anyone
All I can say is…
I know that you were tired of everything
Of everyone
Yet even I who was supposedly “tough”
Just had a stone heart
That’s what they were really saying
I’ve thrown that heart away
But I will admit
It was good for rock-skipping at least
Going miles and miles away from me
Finally free of me
Another step
Yet another step
And another
I’ve lost count on how far I’ve gone
But I can’t give up
Not now
Maybe in all of this
Maybe I can make something right
The price for just one person’s freedom
Cost the world everything
Lost in the sea of forgotten memories
From all those billions of lives I…

I guess the old saying of
“Be careful about what you wish for”
Really is true
It’s a deadly thing
What is it really?
One more step…
Two more steps…
I can’t do this
This world I hated so much
I guess I really did kill it
But if I could turn all that hatred
And turn it into LOVE
Could I possibly find something worth caring for?
Something worth striving for?
Anything at all will do…
I’m kind of desperate here…
More steps…
More and even more steps…
Just another one…
I feel like I’m being washed away
Slowly becoming the sea
But I can’t go yet
I have to do something
My oceanic friends
In exchange for my freedom
Give those people
The heart I never had
Let them be in peace
The one thing they could never have
Let them finally reach their destination
Let their voices be heard
A heart that could never truly hear them
A heart that never knew the honest truth of the matter
They like I
Were hurting the whole time
Weren’t they?
The many crowds of people
So different and diverse
One thing connecting them all together
Wanting freedom
Wanting love
Wanting riches
Why of all people
Was my wish granted?
A foolish little girl
A stupid, immature young lady
Can I finally wash those hurtful words away?
Words etched into their salty air around me
Is destruction always this pretty?
Will I ever love again?
It’s now or never
Can LOVE replace the freedom I took from them?
Can LOVE truly save them all?
No time for questions
Here and now
It’s okay to say
“You’re forgiven…”
“Because ‘freedom’”
“Has finally come”