BattleField Heart

(for Battlefield heart) it!)

The angel wings flutter in the afternoon wind
The gentle flowers of an early spring
Ah, they never smelled sweeter
The clock ticks away at their life
Yet they seem so happy
I wonder why that is?
The demons inside start stirring
The trees sway to the trembles of the war
I wonder…
What’s happening?
This perfectly silent day
Carries me away
Daydreaming in the clouds of my own little world
Yet I’ll never see what’s truly there
My heart won’t stand for it
Darkness stabs at my foolishness
Light brings me to my senses
A war on such a wonderful day?
How could that be?
Words in the shadows of my heart
Darkness that should never be touched
God please lead me
Be the love I never had
Let me dance in your warm embrace
The demons still hurt me
My heart still reaches out to you
The silent cry the world all sings
“God where are you?”
All hands stretched out
Only our souls know of the battle raging on
Our emotional battleground
Ready your swords
Never a moments rest
Keeping in rhythm with the beats of my heart
My blood keeps flowing
My nerves can’t keep still
Left, right, doge, go
A peaceful day
For a world with no peace
“So where should we go today?”
Says a girl with a troublesome heart
A shield that’s been broken-in
A bow that’s about to crack
Armor that will break at the next blow
“I can’t keep doing this…”
Eyes closed and oblivious to what I’m doing
I hope I can survive another day…
“God, why am I so stupid…”
A small grin
A sunset that’s singing me good-night
I wish I could fall asleep here
The stress of life hurts
Sticks and stones may break my bones
Wait… what was the rest?
It seems I keep forgetting what’s important
I feel like I’m falling apart…
In battle armor
In my Sunday best
I’m a complete fool
Oh God…
When will I ever learn…?
A scar that keeps getting deeper
Broken hearts scattered behind me
More to be broken in front of me
“Such a fool…”
Yet I keep doing what I do best
Can I break these chains that chain me to the depths of hell?
Can I break free of the weight of the world?
It seems like I keep hurting it instead of saving it
I’ve twist my childhood dreams
Into something disgusting
Can I finally change it?
I guess you could call me “Lazy”
Please, you’re too kind
I deserve much worse
Such mercy you give me
It overwhelms this heart of stone
“Huh… why?… am I crying?…”
Love unspeakable
Please speak to me
Sing a song that will lead me through this war
Be my songstress
Be my commander
Be my guardian
But please,
Be the love of my life
The only thing I can turn to in this tiresome life
I can’t do this much longer
My breath is failing me
Lord… heal my fading soul
A king saving his fallen kingdom
Seems like a just another fairy tale
Yet here it is…
The falling embers awake in my tired eyes
The fires are brandished into a brain that wishes not to work
This is my final stand
“Can I fall asleep here in this meadow?…”
“Will I die here on this battlefield?”
No time to think
It’s either now
Or never
This battlefield
One kingdom
One heart
I can only imagine the world’s true heart
Yet the truth hurts
Doesn’t it?
A broken blade
A broken spirit
Here’s my last stand
My first few steps in the right direction
For once
Can I finally do something right?
Blood drips from my breathless mouth
Grass-stains on my plain white dress
Which one seems more real?
Eyes finally open
Can I be saved?
My liege,
I may be nothing
Just another victim to soon fall into the devil’s hands
But I swear,
If I can do anything to help
To just be a small light
In this battlefield of darkness
Let me open up
And burn my soul
And be the hero I’ve so longed to be…

Finally free
There she stood
Smiling into the last bits of the dying sunset
As she slowly walked back to her old mossy cottage
She could almost see the last bits of the embers
Swirling above her in an almost melancholic way
The memories of yesterday
Never seemed so beautiful
And the prospect of a new tomorrow
Never seemed more real


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