Unused Poem

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A distant world so far away
The earth seems to fall
Or maybe it is me who is falling
Far out into the open seas
Lights bursting in a million stars
A new life born
A sea in the sky brings me in
A ballroom of the most fantastic dancers
Dancing in the sky
A song so beautiful I can’t resist
Excitement fills me
I can hardly breathe
Pulled in by the current
Of so many raging hearts
A song of love
A song of hate
So many lives
Here in this world unknown
A dance that shall never end
A life that has yet to be lived
Let me join in
Let me be in it
Let me live in a way I never could
Let my words bring joy
My ways bring remembrance
Silently sinking deeper into the starry sea
For once I feel like I can breathe
I am alive
Emotions not my own awaken within me
I am finally free
A smile that once carried nothing
Carries the whole weight of the world
Let me hear the heart’s true song
Let me feel the soul’s true strength
Let me seeing life’s true light
Let me feel emotion’s last cry
Let me escape into the sky above and below me
Let my song be what they dance to
Don’t let them forget it
“Lost but never forgotten”
This is me
And I


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