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Sitting back
I watch and wait
For the clock to chime it’s hourly tune
A sweet fantasy book lies right next to me
I want to read it so badly
Yet something holds me back
I guess I just want to take this time,
And just try and understand my own story
After diving into so many
I’ve almost forgotten mine
What is my story?
What kind of character am I?
Yet even in a book,
I know I would be no one
Maybe a side character
There one chapter
Gone the next
Nobody would care
After all,
It’s the main character they’re all interested in
The hero who will live to the very end
I, who will probably die like the rest of them,
Why can’t I be the main character?
Brave and courageous
The one who gets out of their small, little world
And become the amazing protagonist they are
I wish I could do that…

Empty, inky wishes fill my mind
A world full of colors
Made from the darkness of black
I wonder what lies inside
Is it a story of heart?
A story of glory?
Or maybe a story of death?
The same clichés over and over
Even so,
I never grow tired of them
After all…
Isn’t life just like that?
I guess I’ll never know…
Another chapter done
Another hour gone
Will this ever end?
Do I want this to end?
Is it really that bad to want what they have?…
My questions are already answered
Still I ask
Yet it’s still the same response every time
The same ones those many books have taught me
“The power of friendship!”
“Never give up!”
“I’ll never let you down!”
Ink-stained words…
Why can’t you be truthful?
Why must you lie to me?
A fantasy that I wish were real
Is it really so bad to dream?
Peaceful valleys
Gruesome battlefields
Where do I belong?
In a world that’s just for me
Why don’t I belong even in there?
The clock keeps ticking
Soon it will be time
A princess waiting in her tower
A slave in her cell
Which sounds more colorful?
A sweet prince who will stop at nothing
To prove his true feelings
A deceitful friend
Who will stop at nothing to prove how wrong you were
Which one sounds more interesting?
Unanswered riddles litter my life
How did this happen?
And why?
An oblivious dreamer
An obvious cliché
I live in a world that couldn’t care less
For the hero
Who will crush the heart of the brave
Who will hurt us before our journey even begins
Or is this a lie as well?
It’s hard to know
With no words as my guide
No maps or mind reading of the heart
How could I survive?
Is it really that terrible?
Or am I just over thinking things again…
Tears flow out of my tired blood shot eyes
Eyes closed to the outside world
Why does this illusion seem so much more real?
The bright sunlight warms my cold beating heart
Tick tock tick
It keeps in rhythm with the little bit of time I have left
Drifting off to sleep again,
I hope this isn’t my last time
I want to meet those people again
See that world I could never see
Even if for only a moment
My heart beat is slowly fading away
The beats going faster and faster than the clock could ever count
My story is almost over
Yet, was there even anything to write about?
My last dream…
I’m glad…
That I got to see my friends once again
My ink-stained friends…
My ink-filled life…
My inky world…
Drip drop drip
Goes the ink pen
Yet soon it will stop
And I’ll have to leave the little bit of hope I had
I’ll be brave
Just like those many heroes
I’ll say my last good-byes
And wish them all farewell
I guess they wouldn’t know that
Because how can I tell them that,
When I’m just as fake as they are?
Just another ink-stained girl
With no image or color
Just your imagination
Will I survive?
Will I die?
It’s in your hands now
But really…
We all know how it’s going to end
I’m already gone
This story is at its end
So I guess…
This really is my final…



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