My Friend who was a Warrior


It was our last sunset together
Summer vacation was coming to a sudden end
And both of us couldn’t help but feel it in the air
Can I escape from here?
I hate having to go back to that place
I just want it to be me and you
I know that’s impossible though
We will both grow up
Get a job
Maybe go to college
Have our own families to deal with
Will I still remember you then?
My eyes fill with the tears I’ve been holding back
For so long…
I just wanted this moment to last forever
Looking into your face
I could tell something was off
Was something on your mind as well?
A silent conversation went on between us
“Are you really alright?”
Yet none of us want to say it
Because we both know the answer
I just wanted to go back to the day we first met
I was a young girl
I was so shy…
I could barely form a sentence!
You remember that
You were like me as well
But unlike me who just lived with it
You grew sick of it
And finally got out of your shell
A once quiet frown
A once quiet life
A blank stare
A blank textbook
Now that I think about it,
How did you even get such good grades?
I softly laugh,
A tiny grin appears on my face
Just one thing,
How did you change?
One day an empty shell
Next day you were the talk of the town
We always sat down next to each other
Never realizing just how much alike we were
You saw my dull eyes
Seeing yourself in them,
You took me in
And taught me the ways of you
Oh Sensei,
My laughter drifted off into colorful sky above us
A silent conversation
You know what I’m thinking of…
A smile appeared on your face
Yet why were you crying?
Shouldn’t I be the one doing the…
Unspoken words finally said,
“I’m sorry,”
“I guess our adventures must come to an end,”
“I wasn’t ever really a hero,”
“Was I?”
But you were the strong one!
I wanted to say
You were the one who finally stood up
Yet even you,
Still remember the hurt
The pain of being alone
The pain of being nothing
I wish I could’ve come to your rescue
Yet I was just as lost as you
I just want to know…
“How did you save me then if you weren’t a hero?”
“How did you survive?”
My words cut off once again
Yet I’m too surprised to do anything about it
Your arms around mine
A warm embrace
A soft whisper is all I hear
“You were the strength I needed to survive,”
“You were my hero,”
“Just as much as I was yours…”
The tears aren’t stopping anytime soon
The memories aren’t either
When you first saved me
I was still a silent girl
Quietly doing whatever she was told
This was the life I knew
I never knew how much I missed out on
Yet if that’s what it took to meet you
Then I’m glad…
I remember as I cried down your back,
I remember seeing an extremely pretty sunset
The clouds seemed like they were outlined in gold
The blue sky was reflecting the ocean beneath us
The salty sea air didn’t help with our already salty tears
Yet another smile on my face
Our eyes tired from how long we’ve cried
Yet never letting go
We watched the day go by
I promise
I’ll never forget the hero who saved me that day
The warrior who bravely stormed through the hard times
So my friend who was a warrior
I’m glad…
That we got to live another day…
And I’m glad…
That this wasn’t our last sunset together
“You were my strength,”
Just as much as I was yours…”


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