The Girl Named “Sorrow”

(for poem)

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As the wind rustled through the trees
The soft sound of laughter could be heard
A smiling girl
With powers beyond her own understanding
She was so kind and sweet
Such was strange in the world that she lived in
In a world that was in chaos
There was one who was not
Unaware of the world around her
There she stayed
Deep in a forest long forgotten
For where else did she have to go?
A heart of a child still lay in her
Nothing to do
She simply lived
Singing her songs
Laughing as the blue butterflies danced around her
The trees swinging their branches in merriment
She was happy
Yet who was she really?
What was she?
She who should have never been
Yet there she was
The air was filled with her magic
A blue glow emitted off of her
And spread throughout the world
Each day taking in the blue glow
And each day letting the blue glow go even further
Deeper and deeper into the heart of the world
Yet what was this power?
It was as if she was slowly taking something
Yet what?
The butterflies sang their songs
Yet each one of them only sang of one thing
The trees sang their song of “Sadness”
The lake sang its song of “Tears”
Everything cried out in their own tone
Hoping that one day the girl would listen
Yet she never did
A smile that never faded
She was content
Nothing to be feared
What were they singing?
Magic poured from her
A beauty unfathomable
She was what they all wanted
A war raged on for her
They, all looking for something
Yet what?
Empty hearts raging on with empty wars
This was the world she was in
Yet each day
She took something from them
Emotions filled with hope
Memories full of love
A war that would never end without them
Centuries passed
The world was slowly crumbling away
Yet there she was
Still in her own fantasy world
Still unaware
Of her own heart that was diminishing
Soon she would fade away with this world
Her heart was aching
Her soul couldn’t take this lie anymore
And finally…
Her eyes had come awake
The full moon shown on her silvery skin
And her once smiling face was still
Her eyes the color of rubies stared into the shadowy night
A silent wish…
“Will I ever truly feel whole?”
Deep down she had kept it
Locking it away deep inside of herself
She wanted it so badly
This wonderful feeling
Their happiness and joy
Memories of long ago
She had taken them in hopes of being full
Yet how could she?
A girl named “Sorrow”
Something that should’ve never existed
Yet there she was
A girl named “Sadness”
But was she really?
A girl named “Empty” and “Forgotten”
Who was she again?
For the first time in her whole time of existing
She finally felt it
Emotions other than her own
Yet why did it hurt so badly?
Her eyes opened wide
She saw it for the first time
The trees saddened by the weight of her magic
The lake filled with tears
The butterflies with their radiant, blue glow
Sang their own cry of madness
She had taken everything from them
Using them to bring her life
Forgotten tears lay underneath her
Tears filled with their sadness
And her own
For once
She truly felt it
And without any hesitation
With her newly awakened emotions
She sang their song
This terrible song
Their song called “Agony”
A song of “Regret”
A song of…
A lament that reached far into the sky
Until they reached the heavens themselves
And it spread far and wide
Until all the people of the world
Finally heard her song
For the first time in a long time
They felt it again
Their own melody of “Misery”
The whole earth trembled
And sang her song
A bright, blue glow
Slowly faded into the darkness of night
Then there was silence…
The world was silent
The people were silent
The trees
The lake
The butterflies
The one called “Sorrow”
She took in her blue glow
Gently taking it in her hands
A blue orb of emotion
Her very own “Heart”
Memories long forgotten pouring out of it
All the things she had kept in her…
She closed her tired eyes
And whispered one last silent prayer
Then she sent it away
All that she had filled herself with
Was gone
And emptiness filled her life once more
Her vision turned hazy as she fell in the lake below
Quietly fading away into the night
She who never should’ve existed
Existed no more
A soul called “Sorrow”
Filled the world with its silent cry of “Hope”
A new day was dawning
A world that was once full of war
Was finally at peace
A deep sadness filled the void
The one thing they all fought for
Never fully complete
For how can someone feel joy,
Without the tears of happiness?
The sky was filled with a beautiful shade of blue that morning
And yet somehow…
There she lay
The lake once full of tears
Now a beautiful meadow of blue flowers
Their petals filled the air
With a distant laughter
A distant song
A distant memory the earth once held
Lost and forgotten from reality
Now forever in her unending dream
A girl named “Sorrow”
Her last wish…
“Don’t ever forget me, okay?”


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