Dear You,

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Dear Best Friend,
How are you?
It’s been a few weeks since I last saw you!!!
I haven’t heard anything from you yet
So I hope that I’ll hear from you soon!
Even though I moved away
I hope we can still hear from each other!
You’re my best friend in the whole world!!!
I hope to see you soon
Just like we said we would!
Please reply soon!!!
Your best friend,

Dear Friend
Hi again,
It’s me, your dear friend
How’s it been?
It’s been pretty hard since the move
I haven’t made any friends yet
But it’s a pretty big neighborhood so…
I hope to become friends with some others soon!
I have always been shy so…
I hope that I can finally open up!
But I promise that you’re still my best friend!
Hope you’re okay!
Your friend,
Dear you,
Hi yet again
It’s me…
It’s been really hard around here
Barely two years have passed since I last saw you…
I’m still home-schooled
And still trying not be as shy…
I still don’t have anyone
And I really hate it here
Everyone here seems fake
Like their constantly putting on a show
I miss you being there
You were the only one I could talk to
I still haven’t heard from you since the move
Which was almost two years ago…
I hope to finally hear from you soon!!!

Dear Someone,
I hope this reaches you…
It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you
About 3 years ago
I’m still trying hard to open up
And I’m slowly getting a bit more open!
I wonder still though…
How are you?
You who were my only friend…
I missed you
For the whole first year when I first moved
I thought about you a lot
And then a year and half later
You still never told me anything
Never a word from you
Two years later
I had just about given up
Yet I still wanted to believe you were still there…
That maybe somewhere I still had someone
Yet were you even real?
Were you just a dream?
Three years now
And yes… I’ve given up hope
I lost the hope
The hope of you ever coming back
Yet now that I’ve given up on that
I strangely enough feel a bit free
Just another burden off my shoulders
Why is that?
I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but…
Whenever I used to think about you
I thought of joy
I thought that I would stay there in that place
And you too
I know…
I’m a fool still to this day
Yet you were all I had
Yet now,
Just giving that up
That hope of our friendship
That empty wish that turned to sorrow
To regret
To pain
Now is free of that
I have hope again
I know that you’re probably busy with your friends
You the popular one
I, the shy one
I never really had anyone
Did I?
Or did you and I give up on something truly wonderful?
Dear someone I once knew…
Please tell me…
Just this once…
Were you ever there?
Or was I just another person to hang around
Just another person on that long list…
Why must these happy memories,
Be bruised and broken by all this hurt
You who silently killed my aching soul
You who said that you would hold my hand…
You who said you would never forget me…
Where are you now?
Who are you now?
You were my world
You were my only hope
Please someone I once knew
Did you remember that one promise?
You said that you would never forget me
And as I send this last letter
Please remember…
The true friend I once loved so dearly
Please know
This is my final good-bye
Your shy, nerdy friend that always held your hand
Has finally left in hopes of another
I, who will always wonder…
Forever more…
Who were you?
Dear someone I once knew
So long,

To: The Person I Once Knew
From: …


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