The Lights of Empty “Happiness”

For poetry (For the light...
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It was a world full of tranquility
Small orbs of light slowly drifted out of the fields
The daylight over the hill slowly consumed the dark shadows
And I was shown the light of day once again
I who was the only one in this world
Lay on the soft grass
Grasping at the sun that lay in the morning sky
“Why am I here?”
Days went by and nothing came
All that was here was the light that enveloped me
I was free
Yet I was alone
I knew there had to be others like me
Why else would I want this feeling?
This feeling of being whole
A far off memory…
Wars and chaos,
I remembered
It was you who took me to this place
Wasn’t it?
Yet even in that dark place
I was alone
All who I had known had left me
Yet you took me into your world
The lights…
They swirled all around me
Until I was here
Here to live out my days
Finally at peace
Yet why was there still sorrow inside of me?
Emotions were slowly flowing out of me
Joining the lights that filled the air
Yet sorrow was one that could never leave me
Through whispers it told me
“Remember what it felt like to feel?”
The sun slowly came down the other side
And the moon was coming up
Another day
Just laying in the light
The small orbs of light slowly floated up
And gathered in the night sky
As if they were going to sleep as well
My eyes closed
And I dreamt of a place
Filled with family
And friends
A world I once lived in
I wish it hadn’t been broken
As I lay here
A single tear escapes my eyes
And reminds me of the sorrow still in me
The last bit of emotion still left in me
I open my eyes
And see the lone tear slowly leave my face
Falling into the ever growing grass it goes
The last bit of what had been
The light would soon consume my body
Until I was orb of light
Another light that would float into the sky above
Yet as my vision slowly faded
A rustle in the grass awoke me
What was that noise?
My last moments here,
And all I could hear were your footsteps
Going ever so softly on the long grass
You reached out your hand
A smile
A feeling
A memory
You were the one who led me here
Weren’t you?
You were my “happiness”
And you were also that voice
That voice of sorrow
A warm hand in mine
Gradually pulled me up
And showed me this world I was in
It was a world of hope
Of wonders
Of everything I could hope for
And there you were
Hand in hand
You led me through these fields
As the light of day soon rained down on us
I saw your true radiance
A beautiful mystery that found a way to my heart
Lead me to the light
Take me in
My dearly beloved,


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