What Makes a Good Christian

I want to show you something I came across today while looking through some old stories I had done in the past. It’s an old report I had done that I must say is some of my best writing. This is one that really inspired me to become a writer when I first wrote it. I look back on it and smile just thinking about how happy I was when I finished it. I hope this brightens your day too as it did to me.


What Makes a Good Christian

What makes a good Christian is how much you truly believe in God. The time spent on prayer, going to church on Sunday, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t bring you closer to God. A good Christian will love God more than anything. They will have faith in Him whether it’s to move a mountain or to write a story. The faith in God is truly important to your relationship with Him. Without it, the relationship would fail just like in any other relationship with anyone else. Without the trust, how can we truly believe in Him in the first place? The reason why we even ever believe in Him in the first place should be because we need Him. We need Him in our daily life in this world of pain and suffering. We need someone to help us get through our daily everyday life.

It’s a harsh world out there with the many temptations and hardships. Sometimes we are too cold-hearted in to even want to think about God. How we become a good Christian is when we finally give our heart to God. It’s when we finally let go of our sinful ways and say, “I surrender my past to you, Lord.” When we do that, only then can we have peace.

At first, this world seems wonderful. It’s all shiny and new with nothing bad in it. There are friends to talk to and a whole world to see when we grow-up. We love the world very much. Slowly though, we realize as we turn older the many horrible things in it. Some people were born into that horrible life of torture, others haven’t. When we grow-up, we get knowledge. Some people reject the knowledge, others want it, and yet others accept it. I know I see many people who try to reject it, yet many more who want it so badly that they can’t see it. When we realize this truth, we find out how foolish this world can be. Only those who accept the truth can find the truth.
This world has many ugly things in it. Yet, there’s a certain beauty to it as well. This beauty is the hope and love that God let us feel. Yet, how can we feel it if we don’t even know what love is? God is love, so how can we not feel Him as well, whether Christian or not? I guess it’s because, before we are Christians, we ourselves can only numbly feel love. Because we don’t know what God is, we can only feel the love that this world has shown us. We can only feel the world and not God who is love. Only when we finally have found God, can we truly ever love anyone at all. When we can at last take off the mask of the world and truly smile with the love of God.

When we finally realize all of these things we get knowledge. When we get the knowledge we get the truth of God. When we get the truth about what God is, we get to know what love is. When we know what love is, we put our hope in that love. When we have hope in the love, it slowly turns into faith in Him. When we have faith in Him, we believe in Him. When we finally believe in Him, we know what beauty is. When we know what beauty is, we realize the foolish world. When we realize the foolish world, it’s our choice to either help the world or to help others. When we figure this out, only then can we become a good Christian in Christ.


The Lights of Empty “Happiness”

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It was a world full of tranquility
Small orbs of light slowly drifted out of the fields
The daylight over the hill slowly consumed the dark shadows
And I was shown the light of day once again
I who was the only one in this world
Lay on the soft grass
Grasping at the sun that lay in the morning sky
“Why am I here?”
Days went by and nothing came
All that was here was the light that enveloped me
I was free
Yet I was alone
I knew there had to be others like me
Why else would I want this feeling?
This feeling of being whole
A far off memory…
Wars and chaos,
I remembered
It was you who took me to this place
Wasn’t it?
Yet even in that dark place
I was alone
All who I had known had left me
Yet you took me into your world
The lights…
They swirled all around me
Until I was here
Here to live out my days
Finally at peace
Yet why was there still sorrow inside of me?
Emotions were slowly flowing out of me
Joining the lights that filled the air
Yet sorrow was one that could never leave me
Through whispers it told me
“Remember what it felt like to feel?”
The sun slowly came down the other side
And the moon was coming up
Another day
Just laying in the light
The small orbs of light slowly floated up
And gathered in the night sky
As if they were going to sleep as well
My eyes closed
And I dreamt of a place
Filled with family
And friends
A world I once lived in
I wish it hadn’t been broken
As I lay here
A single tear escapes my eyes
And reminds me of the sorrow still in me
The last bit of emotion still left in me
I open my eyes
And see the lone tear slowly leave my face
Falling into the ever growing grass it goes
The last bit of what had been
The light would soon consume my body
Until I was orb of light
Another light that would float into the sky above
Yet as my vision slowly faded
A rustle in the grass awoke me
What was that noise?
My last moments here,
And all I could hear were your footsteps
Going ever so softly on the long grass
You reached out your hand
A smile
A feeling
A memory
You were the one who led me here
Weren’t you?
You were my “happiness”
And you were also that voice
That voice of sorrow
A warm hand in mine
Gradually pulled me up
And showed me this world I was in
It was a world of hope
Of wonders
Of everything I could hope for
And there you were
Hand in hand
You led me through these fields
As the light of day soon rained down on us
I saw your true radiance
A beautiful mystery that found a way to my heart
Lead me to the light
Take me in
My dearly beloved,

The Many Things I Wish To Say

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This poem is to you, my fellow readers
This poem is what I want to say to the world
When you hear my words
Remember that this is me
I pour out my mind to the world
So that it will know me
And as I write these words,
I hope I can be a light to someone
And maybe be able to show them
That I am not that stereotypical girl
That I am strange
Wonderfully and beautifully strange
And I love it
What is so terrible about being strange?
I want this world to know
That there is no such thing as “Normal”
There is nothing normal about this world
We are all wonderfully strange in our own ways
I have struggled so many times in life before
Because I thought this world rejected me
Yet was that just in my mind?
Yeah… I was another one fooled into thinking that
Because this world loves to think it’s perfect
This world loves perfection
Because it is broken
And just like us
We are all broken
Yet unlike this world’s idea
We are each beautifully broken
Each a mosaic of different colors
Trying to put ourselves together
Yet each time we get hurt
Our colors shatter one by one
Until we are nothing but a pile of glass
Yet when someone sees us
In all our colors
No matter how dull they seem to us
They are a masterpiece to someone out there
We are loved
I, who have thought for so long
That this world has rejected me
It was I who rejected it
And the people around me
I who was shy in her dark shadow
Yet when I finally smiled
And showed the world my light
The light became a part of me
My soul, already broken
Smashed and brought back together so many times
I thought I was lost
Just simply roaming the road to darkness
But now,
I walk this road to dawn
I can’t stand the darkness
Nor could I ever fully walk the road to light
Not yet anyways
So now on my journey I go
This journey of heart and soul
I pick this road
This darkness
And light
This hurt and sorrow
And this joy and happiness
You can’t have one without the other
So I’ll be in that in-between
I’ll be in that realm of twilight
I’ll show those who walk the road to darkness the light within
Because in the deepest darkness
There is the brightest light
Just waiting for us to see it
It’s always there
We just have to hold out our hand and know
That we are not alone
Hand in hand we join together
This pain and joy that binds human kind forever
I hold out my hand
And say to you who are lost
I, who am a simple traveler like you
Wandering these lonesome roads with you tonight
See those people going on their way?
Those who pass by us?
They, who seem to be full of greatness,
They too are broken
You know them, don’t you?
Just like you
The ones with beautiful hearts
They know this road of daybreak
And I am on that road
To find the heart’s true light
Please join me on this journey
Into the great unknown
This world so broken
This mask it hides behind
This mask of perfection
Take it off and what do you have?
Just a shattered world
Wanting something it can never have
Taking in its victims one by one
Yet your heart is precious
Don’t give it up
Don’t be a fool like I once was
I, this lonely traveler
Though I don’t know what may lie ahead
Please as we journey together,
Let me see you for who you are
Show me your sorrow
Your pain
I who am just as broken as you
I am just a simple, Christian girl
Though some may think of me as perfect and happy
There is a deep sorrow inside me
I the biggest hypocrite of all
Wears this mask of lies
Yet as I walk this path
This road to dawn
This mask is breaking
And maybe one day
I’ll truly be free
But I can’t do this alone
As I hold out my hand
Know that you are my strength just as much as I am yours
Dear reader,
Tonight I want you to think of who you are
Are you broken?
Are you whole?
Are you walking the road to darkness?
Or the road to dawn just as I am?
Please show me your heart
And please…
Let me show you mine…