One Magically Wondrous Halloween Night

poem trick or treat poem

One Magically Wondrous Halloween Night

A dark shade of black spread through the sky like melted licorice
Houses, like creepy ginger bread houses, each decorated with monsters
The old and the young handing out sugary sweets
It was that time of year
This was what was called “Halloween”
I was a small, young witch
Who yearned to see what it was like
My parents never took me
Maybe it was too cold for them?
Maybe it was because they didn’t like candy?
I have never known
Yet another holiday
Where I must stay inside
I wish I could go trick and treat like the rest of them
To hide in the mysterious night
To be unknown to all who pass by me
A costume to surprise each and every one of them
I wanted it so badly
To show them a side of me
That was truly unexpected
I had waited all year
And now was my chance
A long, forgotten cloak that I had snuck into the corners of my bed
And my black witches hat that I hastily put on
With my parents sound asleep,
I dressed myself up in the plain, simple black
And out I went
Going deep into the sweet magical feeling of Halloween…
Finally I was free to be anyone
The first door
The first time
Sweets of all kind came my way
I who was never allowed these sugary sweets
That I had dreamed of for so long
Flavors of all kind danced into my mouth
I loved every bit of this delicious night
Nobody knew who I was
Or even cared
No one trying to upset me
Or tease me about how weird I was
I was free
Even if it were for this one night
I wanted to savor everything
However the night went by too fast
Soon the houses were growing dim
Night would hide the light once more
I realized now how late it must be
This night that never seemed to end
Was going right before my very eyes
The sugary scent that wafted in the air
Was soon diminishing
I had to hurry home
Before my parents found out
The once warm feeling of the Halloween
Was making me shiver quite terribly now
Was it because of the cold winds that were blowing?
Or was it the fear that shook deep within me?
20 minutes to midnight
That’s when my parents would wake up
Why would the wake up at this hour?
Well it was “Witching Hour” of course
The time they would check on the potions
And maybe make a few as well
And sadly enough,
Check to see if I was asleep or not
And if I wasn’t there in time…
The thought of it just horrifies me
And so there I ran into the night
Towards my house I went
Never looking back at the fading lights behind me
15 minutes left…
Oh I hope I made it back in time
10 minutes…
Is that my house up ahead?
It’s so dark I can barely see a thing
6 minutes left…
Man, it’s getting late!
3 more minutes left…
There was my house!
I had made it
With only a few minutes left
I quietly slipped through the door
And into my small, little bedroom
Went this small, little witch
I quickly stuffed the cloak under the old bed
And lay my head on the pillow
I grinned from ear to ear
Tonight had been the best night of my young life
A wondrous night called “Halloween”

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