Where may the wind stop?


Where may the wind stop?
When may the wind start?
Where does it come from?
And where does it go?
The petals on the flowers
So pretty
So white
The fragrance kisses the winds
And slowly gives it to those around it
I lie here
All whom I know
Have lost me today
And soon
My body shall become either a part of the wind or earth
Though I am still here
I can’t tell them that
My body rejects me
I am stuck in this prison
This thing that once let me free
Is now holding me back
I want to wipe away their tears
To give them hope
This is the last I will ever probably see them
Though I am still here
They can’t see that since I’m dead
They take my body
And burn it all
Everything that was once me
Is nothing but black soot
I can’t feel a thing
But why am I looking down at myself as I say this?
Am I a ghost?
They take the ashes
And I hear their soft whispers once more
Crying silent prayers into the last bits of me
As they let me free into the open air
I lay in the wind now
Forever part of it
Nobody will know of my lingering soul
All they will know of
Is the fading memories
The last little bits of existence I still hold in this world
I am nothing but wind
Along with the many other souls
Who go by me each day
And soon my family will join me
Either to the earth or wind
To the beautiful seas or the blustery mountains
To the quiet casket or inside an old tree
Where they will be?
I can only guess
Slowly time passes
And soon I finally leave them behind
Slowly I pass from this world
The air brings me up
And far, far from here
I know I must say good-bye
To all I once loved
I whisper to them in my last moments here
How much they meant to me
And how much I love them
Please know that where I go
To heaven or hell
To where I will be
I hope I’m in peace
With my God I will wait
Patiently for the day they come
To the air or to the earth
I hope they find their way into my arms once again
I hope they have a good life
Though I am gone
My life on earth is finished
My lingering soul has vanished
I hope their sorrow is gone
So that they may live in the world
Around the people they still have
Please take all the time you need
Just promise to be by me again someday
I’ll be waiting
With welcoming arms
To whisper again to you
I love you…

Dedicated to my Aunt who died just one year ago. I pray that she is in heaven now so that she may finally be in peace.


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